The Most Thrilling Trips in Key West

Key West Florida is one of the top destinations in the world for all kinds of fun water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, glassbottom boats, and scuba diving. These are the type of activities that can be great for everyone, but there are some Key West tours that are reserved just for those who like to seek a little more adventure when they go on vacation. These include the two-hour Jet Ski Island tour, the parasailing trips, Aeroplane Tours, and the brand new Key West shark adventures.

Jet Ski Island Tour

The two hour Key West jet ski island tour is one of the most popular and beloved activities in all of Key West. These tours take you on a thrilling and exciting 26-mile tour around the entire island of Key West, making seven stops along the way to learn a little about the environment, geography, and history of Key West Florida. All the Key West jet ski island tour guides have been in Key West for quite some time and are very well versed in everything about the tiny island. You also get about 20 minutes to ride around on your jet ski freely and try to get as fast as you can go on your jet ski.


You may have gone parasailing before but you have never experienced a Key West parasailing trip until you join us on one of our hour-long parasailing journeys. Grab a friend and pretty soon the two of you will be up in the air about 600 feet from the sea. There is no view of Key West more exciting and memorable as the one you get from our Key West parasailing trip. Trips leave every hour between 9 and 6 and you get 15-20 minutes of air time.

Aeroplane Tours

One of the least known but truly spectacular of Key West tours are the Key West aeroplane tours. These tours take you on a 4-person aeroplane up into the sky to catch the most stunning birds-eye views of Key West and its surrounding islands. Seeing Key West from this view point is one of the most unforgettable memories of Key West you will have! Also, flying in one of our aeroplanes is definitely an exciting experience. The pilots are all highly trained and familiar with the Key West and surround Keys area.

Shark Adventures

The latest and most exciting, but also education, Key West tour is the Key West shark adventure. On these tours, you head out to the Gulf of Mexico with shark experts who lure the sharks of the Gulf to the boat so you can see these elusive but fascinating creatures. The two captains on board are some of the most knowledgeable captains in Key West when it comes to all things nature and they pride themselves on providing fun, thrilling, and educational tours to all their guests.

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Free Sunset Cruise with Power Adventure

Come enjoy a complimentary Champagne Sunset Catamaran Sail as a gift for joining us on Key West's top Do-It-All excursion. Enjoy all the fun in the sun of the Power Adventure including kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing and jet skiing. Then enjoy a relaxing two-hour journey to watch the famous Key West sunset.