Spending the Holidays in Key West

Coming to Key West at the end of December is one of the best times of the year for a Key West vacation and for a Key West scuba diving experience. Not only is the weather near-perfect (gone is the sweltering heat of the summer and all you will feel is the mild, balmy weather of a Key West winter), but everyone on the island, locals and visitors alike, are getting in on the energy and spirit of the holidays. Guesthouses are lit up, the Lighted Boat Parade takes place, and the entire island seems to be teeming with positive vibes. This year's holiday season in Key West Florida will attract hordes of holiday travelers, descending on this tiny southernmost island for weeks of Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's Eve fun!

Where to Stay

When you come to Key West for vacation you will find a wide variety of Key West hotels and other types of accommodations in which to stay. Any local or frequent Key West visitor will tell you that the best Key West stay is spent in the small and highly walkable downtown and Old Town area. This is where you will find all the most well-known Key West restaurants, bars, museums, and attractions. This is also where many of the Key West tours and activities like snorkeling, parasailing, jet ski trips, Dry Tortugas excursion, and much more. Downtown Key West Florida is the Key West you see in pictures, movies, and your imagination. This is where locals are quirky but always friendly, where college spring breakers mix with vacationing retirees, and where every corner has something new and exciting to offer the people who walk down these old, narrow streets. Most of the places to stay in downtown Key West are inns, bed and breakfasts, or guesthouses. Staying on Duval Street is a very convenient way to spend your time in Key West and places like the tropical Wicker House or the luxurious Tropical Inn will give you that Key West vacation you have been dreaming of. For small guesthouses that are just a block or two from some of the best Key West bars and from the marina, try the charming Key West Harbor Inn, the old-style Casa 325, or the warm and welcoming Garden House. All of these guesthouses will be ready to celebrate in all the holiday fun right alongside with you. Most of them have their lights set up and their common areas all nicely decorated to celebrate the season.

What to Do

When coming to Key West for the holidays, you will find endless amount of things to do. If you make it early enough, you can catch the Historic Lighted Inn tours where some of the nicest Key West inns and guesthouses get extra dolled up for two weekends of complimentary food and drinks, friendly conversation, and guesthouses looking even more stunning than they usually do. You might also be able to catch the yearly Lighted Boat Parade if you come a week or two before the big holiday rush. Then you have all your typical Key West tours and activities. Do not pass up a Key West snorkeling trip by any means as they take you out to the coral reef gardens where you can see the fascinating marine life that is found under the water's surface. If you are the more adventurous type, try out a parasailing trip or the popular jet ski island tours. And while going out to Mallory Square to see the sunset is a classic Key West experience, do not miss out on experiencing the Key West sunset from aboard a boat on one of the several sunset cruises. For more information or suggestions on what to do during your Key West Florida vacation, call the knowledgeable staff at Best On Key West.

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