Snorkeling in Key West - for Kids!

In fact, once they don that face mask and breathing tube and stick their face in the water, a whole new world awaits, one that you’ll probably find difficult to remove them from at the end of the day.

Many snorkeling outfitter companies provide snorkeling lessons and will take you and your children to gorgeous and safe snorkeling sites, often among the coral reefs just off shore Key West.

However, even if your child isn’t a strong swimmer, you can still give him or her the magic that is exploring underwater due to the fact that Key West has a marine park areas set aside just for children.

Key West Marine Park (located on the Atlantic from Duval Street to White Street) has been set aside with buoys to provide youngsters with a safe area to explore via swimming and snorkeling. Young snorkelers can just don a mask and breathing tube, bend over, place their face in the water and explore!

Almost any child of any swimming ability can go snorkeling in Key West: many snorkel tour operators insist that everyone on the tour don a life vest, so even if you feel your child to be a weak swimmer, consider taking a tour to the coral reef offshore. You’ll be giving your child the gift of a lifetime.

Check out Tours Offering Snorkeling in Key West and start exploring underwater with your children today!

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