Traveling Single in Key West

Traveling alone can be a freeing and invigorating experience. You set your own schedule with unfiltered prejudices of others. Key West offers many opportunities to get off the beaten path and explore at your own pace. But there can be some challenges to traveling solo.

Here are 5 tips to single travel in Key West.

1. Watch your own back: Traveling solo can leave you vulnerable to criminals, scam artists and even health worries without a companion to watch your back. Like any area in America, Key West is not immune to crime. Make sure you plan ahead – store taxi and hotel numbers in your phone and make sure your hotel is open late. Keep to open and public spaces and avoid seeming too touristy. Make sure someone from home knows your vacation itinerary. Key West is all about socializing and having a good time but as a solo traveler you are responsible for yourself.

2. Watch for the Single Supplement: Whereas many tours and packages in Key West are open to both single and partnered participants, some institutions will add a single supplement fee to your bill. Cruises and tours are known to have single supplements added for solo travelers. Because of the vast array of travel and activity options in Key West, you can usually avoid any steep single supplements, but make sure to ask for any single supplement policies.

3. Find yourself by planning: Traveling alone can be a meditative and a self-reflexive experience. You can find new hobbies and explore new foods all while traveling in a different region. Don’t let the immense activities catalogue of Key West daunt you. Visit one of the three Key West Visitors Centers if you need pointers. Make sure to plan ahead and fit everything you want to do in accordance with your budget.

4. Be prepared to spend more: Traveling solo has its perks but at a higher cost. Traveling with others allows you to share room prices and meals. Going to Key West in the off-season, generally June to December, can save you a lot on hotel fare (just keep in mind it will be hurricane season). You can save money on your food bill by landing early-bird specials or shopping the many grocery stores in Key West and cooking for yourself.

5. Try something new: The soft, white beaches and lapping waves attract the most crowds, but if you are a solo traveler who wants to explore by themselves, try hiking or biking in one of Key West’s parks. Fort Zachary Taylor State Park is overlooked by tourists but offers a relaxing 1.2 mile walk or bike around the historic view of the fortress. Bike and motor scooter rentals are available in Key West. Also, stop by the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory for an educational break from beach combing.