Scuba Diving in Key West

There is no where in the United States quite like Key West for a scuba diving excursion. The southernmost island of Key West has it all: culture, history, great bars, great shopping, friendly locals, and a beautiful and extensive coral reef ecosystem just a few miles off its coast. With depths as shallow as 12 feet (great for snorkeling) and as deep as 50 feet for divers, the coral reef ecosystem of Key West is filled with all kinds of soft and hard coral species, thousands of tropical reef fish, turtles, rays, eels, reef shark, lobster, and the list goes on. It is a delicate and interconnected ecosystem of animals and corals that scuba divers are welcome to respectfully explore every day of the year. Best On Key West offers the best Key West scuba diving excursions on the island, including scuba diving trips for non-certified divers and instruction courses for people looking to become scuba certified.

Morning and Afternoon Dives for Certified Divers

If you are coming to Key West Florida and you have at least your basic Open Water scuba certification, you will be able to go on either the morning or afternoon dives. There are dozens of dive sites around Key West, starting with the various spots along different areas of coral reef gardens and ending with the two main shipwrecks: the Cayman Salvager and the massive USS Vandenberg. Both morning and afternoon dives are made up of two dives (one tank at each dive) in two different dive sites, with the full trip lasting 3.5 hours. The morning dive always consists of a visit to the USS Vandenberg, which is easily Key West scuba diving's most recognizable name. The second part of the morning trip typically heads to the coral reef, but divers can request the second half to either go to the Cayman Salvager or do a second Vandenberg dive. The afternoon dive does two different areas of the coral reef. Out of the two dives, the afternoon one is the less advanced of the two. The morning Vandenberg dive requires anyone with anything less than an Advanced Open Water certification to go down with a dive instructor.

Introduction Key West Diving for Non-Certified Visitors

Coming to Key West and want to go scuba diving but do not have your certification? Then the Dive-In-a-Day Resort Course is the excursion for you. This trip is specifically designed for people who do not have their scuba certifications but still want to experience the excitement of going on an actual scuba diving journey. Divers meet with expert Key West diving instructors in the morning at a resort pool where they learn how to use their scuba gear. For about 2 hours, instructors will go over all the basics of scuba diving to make sure introductory divers are comfortable and safe underwater. In the afternoon, you meet back up with your dive instructor where you get onto the dive boat and before you know it you will have your scuba gear strapped on and you will be swimming some 30 feet beneath the surface of the water. Your dive instructor will accompany you throughout the duration of your dive to ensure full safety.

Becoming Scuba Certified in Key West Florida

Ready to get your scuba certification? With the Open Water certification, you are able to dive unaccompanied in depths of up to 60 feet anywhere in the world! And what better place than sunny Key West Florida in which to complete your certification course! Key West has some of the best and most talented dive instructors around who will guide you through your certification process. You will go on a total of four check-out dives with your instructor at the end of your course and, once you properly complete these, you will receive your certification and be ready to start an exciting journey of scuba diving all over the world! Key West is a great place to start your scuba diving experience thanks to its diverse coral reef ecosystems that will showcase a huge variety of marine life and underwater environments.

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