Reconnect With Nature In Key West

The race is over and the rats won... does that describe your life right now? Are you feeling overwhelmed with daily demands, negative news, and economic emergencies? Maybe it's time you took a little time for yourself. A Key West tour will take you away from the demands of your daily life, allow you to shake off your routine, and help you get some sun, warm up your bones, and reconnect with nature.

Key West Florida, is the perfect place for all of that and so much more. As far as vacation sites go, Key West tours and attractions are easy to arrange and there are plenty of discounted flights, cruises, accommodations, and Key West tours and attractions to choose from. Unlike other holiday destinations, there are no language barriers, no passport issues, and no sanitation problems. At the same time, you will be surrounded by a tropical paradise and amazing things you have probably never seen before.

Start Your Holiday In Old Town

Once you arrive and get settled into one of the lovely Key West bed & breakfast inns or a luxurious hotel, it is time to start exploring. Old Town Key West attractions are family friendly and surprisingly unique. You can start your Key West tour with Ripley's Museum, a popular Key West attraction. Your next Key West tour may take you to the Shipwreck Historium Museum where you will step back in history and learn how Key West was, at one time, the richest city in America. You can also visit the Pirate Soul Museum and go even further back in history as you learn the true story of the oftentimes romanticized pirate life. Pull those two experiences together with an unforgettable Key West tour of the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum, which boasts pirate booty, weaponry, and everything else imaginable about shipwrecks.

These Key West tours will help you learn about shipwrecks and pirates and will help you break away from your daily routine. The next step is to forget about society altogether and learn about the natural richness of the Florida Keys at the Butterfly Conservatory and the Audubon House and Tropical Gardens. No Key West tour would be complete without a visit to the Key West Aquarium. The Key West Aquarium is a hands-on Key West attraction. You will be invited to feed sharks and turtles and to pick up local creatures of the sea in the Touch Tank. The grand finale of this Key West attraction is the 50,000 gallon aquarium that houses examples of the local sea life.

Now That You Know What's Out There...

After seeing and learning about the wide variety of the local flora and fauna, it is time to get outside and enjoy several of the Key West tours of the area to get your bearings and discover the natural wonders of Key West for yourself. There are airplane and charter boat tours of the area that give you a unique perspective of the area. Your Key West tours can include a glass bottom boat tour, a snorkeling tour, or you can board one of the many charter boats and see the brilliantly colored coral reefs populated by millions of tropical fish, sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, and a myriad of sport fish.

You can also rent a kayak, a bicycle or an electric car and get away from it all in the natural wonders of so many Key West attractions. Mangrove trees are host to deer, big cats, and more unique little creatures than you count. Breathe in the warm tropical air in the bright sunshine, walk under swaying palm trees, and renew your outlook on life surrounded by natural beauty. Take a walk on pristine beaches, looking for abandoned shells and other sea treasures as sea birds fly overhead.

Returning from this natural wonder, you will find tropical fruit sellers, exquisite dining, live music, and as many forms of entertainment as you could ever hope for. As you sit by the beach sipping your favorite beverage, consider your options for your next holiday. Perhaps you will go on a Cabo fishing trip or even a Bahamas dolphin encounter. The world is a beautiful place. Get out and explore!