Newest Key West Tours and Activities

The fall season, Best On Key West is happy to announce a series of new quality trips that will get Key West visitors out into the clear blue waters off the coast of Key West for unique and memorable journeys. The reservations and information center Best On Key is always looking for new ways to get people to experience all the great fun and activity that Key West Florida has to offer. Here is a description of this season's newest trips and adventures available for visitors coming down to Key West and looking to have a good time.

Island Get Away

The Island Getaway is the most highly anticipated Key West tour added to Best On Key West's extensive list of tours and activities. Many other tropical vacation destinations like Bahamas and Cabo San Lucas have similar trips in which guests get taken to a remote island or beach setting for a full day of relaxation and fun in the sun. The Island Getaway is Key West's version of this classic vacation excursion. The trip heads out to the small and remote islands in Key West's back country where the sand is white and powdery and the waters are clear and refreshing. For a full six hours, guests are welcome to sit back and relax, sip on complimentary drinks, eat a delicious "fish fry" lunch, swim in the water, soak in the sun, or use the complimentary gear and equipment to go snorkeling, kayaking, or rafting. Whether you want to have fun and move around all day or simply lay on a beach chair under an umbrella and listen to the waves gently crash along the shore, this trip will be one of the most memorable parts of your entire Key West vacation.

Schooner Haile

Since the last schooner tall ship left to Boston last year, Best On Key West was not sure they'd be able to provide guests with a schooner tall ship excursion this fall and winter season. Luckily, the Schooner Matthew Haile came along. Best On Key West is extremely proud and excited to offer sunset cruises and dinner cruises on this gorgeous schooner tall ship with two masts and sails. Guests on board the Schooner Haile help the crew lift the sails and then they can enjoy the one of a kind journey of riding out to see on a sailboat. It's an incredible experience to see the Key West sunset from a boat out at sea, but seeing it from an actual sailboat is a romantic and relaxing type of experience that you can only understand if you've actually done it yourself.

Shark Adventure

This one is for the nature lovers and the people who want to see the misunderstood sharks for themselves. Headed by two shark experts, this trip uses the latest in shark technology to lure sharks up to the boat. The captain and crew on board will provide guests with interesting facts and trivia about the Key West sharks as well as information on shark preservation and conservation. The experience of learning about these sharks and being able to see them live and person makes guests appreciate these creatures and the natural habitat off the coast of Key West Florida that much more.

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Free Sunset Cruise with Power Adventure

Come enjoy a complimentary Champagne Sunset Catamaran Sail as a gift for joining us on Key West's top Do-It-All excursion. Enjoy all the fun in the sun of the Power Adventure including kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing and jet skiing. Then enjoy a relaxing two-hour journey to watch the famous Key West sunset.