Memorial Day Weekend in Key West

Memorial Day Weekend is an exciting time of the year. For many, it is the official signal that summer is finally here! Some people are not big fans of the summer heat, but almost everyone down in Key West will admit that something about them absolutely loves the summer tropical heat of Key West! Plus, Key West is a small island, and there's always a nice breeze. Either way, summer does not "officially" begin until June 21st, but for most people it begins on Memorial Day Weekend. And the energy is high in Key West Florida during this weekend! Read on to get ideas and suggestions on how to spend this exciting 3-day weekend in Key West!

Tours and Activities for Memorial Day

This is the time of the year to really get on a boat and hit the waters! And in Key West, your options for boat tours and activities are plenty! One of the best ways to experience water sports Key West-style is on the Do-It-All tour package. This is a six-hour excursion that features over ten activities that includes parasailing, jet skis, snorkeling, kayaking, kneeboarding, banana boats, iceberg slide, and even more! It also includes a delicious barbecue-style lunch. Then there are the shorter Key West snorkeling tours that depart three times a day and takes guests out to an area of the large coral reef system of Key West that is teeming with fish species. For the more adventurous types, check out the heart-pumping two-hour Jet Ski Island Tours that take you on a 26-mile ride around the entire island of Key West. For people interested in creative and unique ways of doing things, check out the brand new and highly innovative Mini-Sub Adventures where each passenger gets on their own "mini-sub" device that is much like a self-sustaining underwater scooter (they are called "Breathing Observation Bubble" devices). And for the nature lover, check out the Dry Tortugas; you can either go for the full day on one of the two ferries, or opt to go for a half day on the new Dry Tortugas seaplanes! And if you are eager to experience what the famous Key West fishing is like, book your Key West fishing charter early as there is a limited number of charter captains on the island and, on this weekend especially, it is one of the most popular trips!

Best Restaurants and Bars to Check Out

Walk down Duval Street just one block and you will have probably passed at least 5 different restaurants and bars. Downtown Key West is packed to the brim with restaurants, bars, lounges, nightclubs, and so on. There is excellent variety ranging from dingier beer joints to upscale piano lounges. Whether its seafood you want or Cuban cuisine, Key West and Duval Street have it ready for you. Some of our personal favorite restaurants are almost right across from each other, right on Duval Street. There is the upscale Grand Cafe, with fantastic indoor and outdoor seating, beautiful Victorian-style decor, and an amazing wine selection. The ambiance is a mixture of high-end with casual Key West. The service is great and the food is delicious. Across the street is Caroline's, with a much different vibe than the Grand Cafe. At Caroline's, you eat on picnic tables and the seating is almost all outdoor. It is an excellent spot for people watching and a great spot to get some classic Key West dishes like conch fritters. There is a bar at the front of the restaurant too, right off of Duval Street.

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Free Sunset Cruise with Power Adventure

Come enjoy a complimentary Champagne Sunset Catamaran Sail as a gift for joining us on Key West's top Do-It-All excursion. Enjoy all the fun in the sun of the Power Adventure including kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing and jet skiing. Then enjoy a relaxing two-hour journey to watch the famous Key West sunset.