Key West Sunset Dinner Cruises


Among its famous sunsets, unique historic guesthouses, and excellent water activities, the island of Key West Florida at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys is known for its delicious and unique cuisine. Mixing Caribbean, American, Cuban and seafood influences, Key West restaurants offer something for everyone. While the island certainly has more than enough top-quality restaurants in which to dine, Key West dinner cruises are experiences that should be a part of any Key West vacation. The unique thing about a Key West dinner cruise is that you get to enjoy the famous cuisine of the island an ideal setting out on the soothing waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Each dinner cruise is set up so that guests not only get an amazing dinner on an unforgettable boat setting, but also get to experience unparalleled views of the stunning Key West sunset. Here is a list of Key West's top dinner cruise experiences, each of which provides a unique atmosphere that is sure to be a highlight of any Key West vacation.


Schooner Haile Matthew


The dinner cruise aboard the Schooner Haile Matthew provides guest with the most romantic dinner/sunset experience. The Haile Matthew is a schooner tall ship designed to resemble the classic sailboats of the 19th century golden era of sailboats. With its two massive sails that guests are invited to help raise, the Schooner Haile Matthew is considered Key West's most unique dinner and sunset cruise experience. But it's not just the beauty of the ship itself that draws guests in, the dinner provided on board is top-notch. Served buffet-style, the dinner aboard the Haile Matthew is provided by Key West's Hard Rock Live and features savory Caribbean jerk chicken with mango salsa, yellow rice, black beans, and plantains. Like most dinner and Key West sunset cruises, guest get to enjoy unlimited complimentary beer, wine, champagne, and sodas. The Haile Matthew also provides live music and a weekly Stargazing Tour with local astronomer Joe Universe.


Sunset Culinaire


The unique draw of the Sunset Culinaire dinner sunset cruise is the gourmet chef that cooks your meal right on board the boat. Guests get to choose what entree and sides they want from the menu and captain and famous Key West chef Brian Kirkpatrick cooks up an unforgettable meal. This is the fine dining of Key West dinner cruises. With a maximum of 20 guests on board, it is also the most intimate of dinner cruises. Due to its limited seating and the popularity of the chef, the Sunset Culinaire sells out well in advance. If you want to take that special someone out on a memorable dinner date, the Sunset Culinaire is your best bet.


Party Cat Dinner Cruise


Almost on the opposite side of the dinner cruise spectrum from the Sunset Culinaire is the Party Cat Dinner Cruise. Where the Sunset Culinaire offers an intimate dinner experience, the Party Cat offers bumping music, lots of people, and plenty of space to dance. Instead of served individually, dinner on the Party Cat is buffet-style and the point of this dinner cruise is to have a delicious meal and then let loose and have a good time. This is more the dinner cruise for groups of friends than intimate romantic dates. And everyone on board the Party Cat Dinner Cruise has a good time. With the famous Key West sunset as its closing, this dinner cruise is the perfect way to start the night off right. The food served aboard the Party Cat is Cuban-influenced with fried fish, roasted pork marinated in tangy Cuban mojo, black beans and rice, and fried sweet plantains. And the beer is flowing all journey long, completely unlimited and complimentary.