Great Snorkeling of Key West

If you had to pick anywhere in the world to learn how to snorkel for the first time, where would it be? We like to think that if you’re going to take the plunge, there is no better place on the planet to get your underwater thrills for the first time than Key West. Unlike diving, snorkeling requires more visits to the surface, and that means you’re spending less times exploring the ocean floor. Lucky for you, Key West offers up some of the best snorkeling sites anywhere in the world, with thousands of species visible from a few meters near the surface. Never snorkeled before? Don’t worry, there are plenty of fantastic snorkeling excursions with great instructors to not only teach you how to snorkel, but know all the top snorkeling spots. Spend an afternoon exploring the third largest reef in the world, or swim alongside a lazy loggerhead turtle until you run into a playful pod of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. If you have the family in tow, there are plenty of snorkeling programs tailored made for families traveling with small children. So grab your snorkel gear (or ours) and come explore Key West’s crystalline waters and enjoy the most rewarding snorkeling adventures you’ll ever have!

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Free Sunset Cruise with Power Adventure

Come enjoy a complimentary Champagne Sunset Catamaran Sail as a gift for joining us on Key West's top Do-It-All excursion. Enjoy all the fun in the sun of the Power Adventure including kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing and jet skiing. Then enjoy a relaxing two-hour journey to watch the famous Key West sunset.