Getting Around in Key West

Key West is a small island. At just four miles long and one mile wide, you can easily get from one side of the island to the other in less than 15 minutes. On top of the island's small size, it's main attraction, downtown Key West (also referred to as Old Town), is even smaller. This means that getting from one Key West attraction to the next is extremely easy. In fact, if you are able to find a Key West hotel or Key West inn located in Downtown, you will be able to walk to all the best restaurants, bars, tours, and museums. The island's small and pedestrian-friendly downtown is one of the top distinctions of this laid-back vacation destination. While some people do bring their cars onto the narrow streets of downtown, most tourists and locals get around on foot, bike or scooter. Really, the best way to navigate Downtown Key West is on foot. But here are a few other common ways to get around Key West without having to use your car.


Once you enter downtown Key West, you will see hundreds of scooters. Visitors rent them because of their low daily rates and most locals own one because of the convenience of driving around the island on such a compact and fuel-efficient vehicle. Then there is the parking situation. Scooter parking is plentiful in downtown and it is also free! This convenience of the scooter is a stark contrast to the hassle of finding parking with a car, which is both difficult due to the limited space and expensive. Best On Key West offers scooter rentals for as low as $55 for a full 24-hour period (or $35 for a 5-hour period). It is a small price to pay for the convenience and lack of stress that borrowing a Key West scooter provides.

Bike Rentals

In addition to scooters, you will also see a whole lot of bicycles in downtown Key West. The streets of downtown are gorgeous: narrow, tree-lined, charming and dotted with beautiful historic properties either side. A bike ride through downtown Key West is definitely a memorable experience. Bike rentals are even cheaper than scooters and you can find bike rentals all over downtown. Many Key West hotels even offer bike rentals right from their front offices. Best On Key West does not offer bike rentals directly from their website, but they can lead you bike rental locations and they can also provide you with a popular guided Key West bike tour. These bike tours are great for large groups looking for a fun excursion to do together. The tour takes you down all the best and most beautiful streets focusing on the unique plants and foliage of Key West Florida.


You probably won't need to use a taxi too often if you are trying to travel within the downtown/Old Town area. Sometimes if you need to get to the opposite end of downtown in a short amount of time, it's a good idea to get a taxi. Otherwise, walking or biking is the preferred method. You will definitely need a taxi if you are trying to get to parts of New Town such as Smather's Beach or the Key West International Airport. Getting a taxi within downtown is typically very inexpensive; when you are taking a taxi to get somewhere in New Town, it might cost you a little more. If your Key West hotel is not in Downtown, you can always use taxis to get to downtown, but you will probably end up saving more money if you rent a scooter or electric car.

Electric Cars

The Key West electric cars are an excellent way to explore the entire island of Key West. All of these cars are open air which allow you to feel the warm salty breeze of Key West. If you are staying anywhere outside of Downtown, it's definitely a good idea to rent an electric car, especially if you have a larger group with you. All the cars require is to be plugged in overnight, and you never have to worry about fueling up. If you want to be more mobile during your stay in Key West, these electric cars are the way to go.