Book Offshore Excursions Before Leaving Home

As a general rule of thumb, things cost less if you can arrange them on your own and skip a middle man or agent. Key West shore excursions are no exception to this rule, so by directly visiting you can arrange off ship fun and save some money simultaneously. Booking an offshore excursion in Key West is one of the best things to do in Key West, and the locals will attest to that.

Key West shore excursions are a money making proposition for cruise ships that visit the Keys frequently because they are able to take advantage of the guests on the ship. Guests have preconceived notions that the ship, and the agents on the ship, know the best tour companies and will give great package deals, however this is not always the case, and many times it is the wrong way to approach fun adventures off the ship. Examples of better prices are shown on and can save you over 60% in some instances.

Once you have finalized plans and have your reservations for a cruise that will be stopping in Key West, obtain an itinerary from the cruise line and explore the times and options for off ship expeditions. Take a few minutes and compare the Key West shore excursions available to book via the cruise line and those at local websites. The parasailing and snorkeling tours will be obviously similar but the prices will be extremely different.

Cruise ships and their affiliates are for profit organizations but you do not have to feel obligated to participate in off ship outings that are arranged by those agencies. They are simply contacting the local company and booking reservations for the exact activity and then charging twice the price. For example, snorkeling that is arranged with the cruise is usually about $60 per person, whereas, if booked directly it is about $36 for adults and $22 for children. Savings like that can add up quickly and will give you more spending money to make your off ship time as fabulous as possible.

Local companies on Key West are the providers of such fun activities no matter how you reserve your spot to enjoy the offerings, so save yourself some dollars and skip the middleman when booking off ship tours. Cruise ships hope that you will use them for arrangements so they can double prices and increase profits. There will be no difference in the end product because it is provided by the same company; you will just pay more by not contacting the local business on your own.

Diligently researching what is available away from the ship before leaving on a cruise can save you an immense amount of money, so why not try to avoid the agent in the middle and book your shore tours with the local business. The Internet will help you save money if you use it to your advantage before boarding for your vacation cruise to Key West. Read reviews by previous visitors, check licenses and safety records, then save some green and make your own itinerary for your free time.

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