Best Key West Seafood Restaurants

When traveling to Key West, visitors will discover that one of the premier things to do in Key West is to dine among some of their greatest seafood restaurants. As Key West is such an appealing destination for seafood, it can be difficult to identify which restaurants stand above the rest. As such, here's a brief look at the best seafood restaurants in Key West.

Garbo's Grill

Garbo's Grill is a delicious seafood eatery that is believed by many who visit to be one of the very best in all of Key West. The grill is similar to a cafe and houses a wealth of seafood taken straight from the Caribbean. All of the recipes you will find at the grill were put forth by the married couple that founded the restaurant, while the dishes in general are all relatively inexpensive at $5-$15. Their best foods include a variety of tacos, ranging from shrimp, fish and Korean BBQ.

Kaya Island Eats

The Kaya Island Eats restaurant mixes exquisite Caribbean seafood with a hint of Asian cuisine. The elegant and peaceful seafood restaurant offers visitors delightful views of the sea while they wait for their dishes, which are designed with all the sophistication and panache of a top-tier chef. Some of the best menu options include the South Pacific Skirt Steak and Tomato Salad. Visitors also have the ability to choose from their selection of fine wines, cocktails and martinis. Entrees are priced at $20-$30.

Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven invites guests to sit back and relax while enjoying the amazing musical performances and sumptuous foods. Though the restaurant is a bit pricy, the experience is more than worth it. Their cuisine includes that of American and Caribbean dishes, while they are open from breakfast through dinner. Some of the favorite dishes include Jamaican jerk chicken and Caribbean BBQ shrimp. If you prefer soup, two of their very best are the black bean and curry soups.

Seven Fish

Dining at the luxurious Seven Fish restaurant is one of the most exciting things to do in Key West. The entire menu is dedicated towards seafood dishes, with such memorable highlights as yellow-tail snapper and cobia fish. The tuna rolls are wonderful appetizers that will start your night out right. Visitors can also choose from a varied wine list that includes a number of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc selections.


Latitudes is a fantastic seafood restaurant that provides visitors with a choice of indoor or outdoor dining, the latter of which is situated under a comfortable canopy with a stunning view of the sea. Some of the more appealing menu items include a pan-seared snapper with ginger-lime sauce and risotto on the side, as well as Waygu steak with potato puree.

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