Jimmy Buffett and the Annual Key West Parrot Heads

The island of Key West Florida, located at the very end of US Highway 1, is home to many unique events and gatherings throughout the year including everything from fishing tournaments to biker meetings to the Mardi Gras-style Fantasy Fest. In addition to these well known events, Key West Florida also hosts a variety of rather unique or esoteric events. I would place this November's Meeting of the Minds under this category, even though it is definitely draws one of the largest crowds to the island. The Meeting of the Minds is an event put on by Parrotheads in Paradise, the organization of Jimmy Buffett fans who get together for networking, humanitarian work, and social activities.

Jimmy Buffet and the Parrotheads

The name Parrot Heads was given to Jimmy Buffett fans as a nod to a common fashion at Buffett concerts: Hawaiian shirts and parrot hats. Buffett has a strong following for his live shows and thus it seemed appropriate to come up with a name, similar to the famous Deadhead name for Grateful Dead followers. The organization that pertains to Parrotheads is called Parrot Heads in Paradise and works as a non-profit charitable and social organization for "people who are interested in the music of Jimmy Buffett and the tropical lifestyle he personifies," as the website's homepage states.

This Year's Parrotheads in Paradise Festivals

This year marks the 18th annual Meeting of the Minds festival. The event commences on November 5th and runs through Sunday November 8th. Already, many downtown Key West hotels and bed & breakfasts are booked up with eager fans who have been planning the Key West vacation for the Parrotheads convention well in advance.The festival features various live bands (including, of course, a performance by Jimmy Buffett himself), parties, a blood drive, a mini mart, a raffle, a street fest, an all-day beach bash, and much more.

Planning a Trip to Key West During the Festival

It's not hard to make a trip to Key West happen, even during the busier events weekends like the Meeting of the Minds or Fantasy Fest. The best thing to do is plan your Key West Florida vacation well in advance, of course, so you can have as many options for Key West hotels and Key West bed & breakfasts as possible and get the less expensive rooms. But a last-minute trip to Key West is always a possibility.Browse the accommodations section on BestOnKeyWest.com to find information on the various downtown and New Town Key West hotels, bed & breakfasts, guesthouses, and resorts. Then, figure out what else to do while you are down in Key West. Of course, there are plenty of Parrothead-related events to attend, but don't forget to try out all the great Key West tours and activities that are on the island all year long such as Key West snorkeling and jet ski tours.

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