All About the Key West Express

Transporting tens of thousands of people every year from the south-west coast of Florida down to the small historic island of Key West Florida, the Key West Express is a great addition to the world of Key West tours and vacations. The ferry makes getting to Key West easier and more comfortable than ever thanks to its state-of-the-art design and attentive crew and staff.

The Key West Express Ferry

The Key West Express is actually made up of an impressive fleet of four vessels. The largest of these four, running from Fort Myers Beach to Key West during high season and special events is called the Key West Express. It is a million-dollar 170-foot luxury catamaran that truly makes the experience of getting down to Key West unforgettable. The Key West Express and the three other vessels that make daily trips from the southwestern coast of Florida to the southernmost island of Key West all feature air-conditioned indoor areas, a wide variety of seating options, outdoor sun decks, a full galley and bar, larget flat screen televisions playing popular movies and satellite TV, turbo diesel engines, and helpful and friendly staff that is on hand to help guests with any needs.

Ft Myers and Key West Florida

Key West Florida is one of the country's top vacation destinations. Combining the laid-back island culture with a unique history that is still very present in the rows of century-old houses that line the streets of its downtown, Key West is the type of place for everyone. It is a small island at the tip of the Florida Keys that was populated due to its convenient location along various trade routes from the Caribbean to the Gulf coast of Louisiana. Now, people from all over the world flock to Key West to experience the great watersports found there such as scuba diving and snorkeling, to take part in the prominent bar scene, and to experience a historical American town. Most people choose to stay in one of the historic Key West hotels and Key West inns in the Downtown/Old Town area that are actually old Victorian mansions that have been restored and renovated. People coming to Key West from the Key West Express ferry do so through another popular Florida vacation destination, Ft Myers Beach. Ft Myers Beach has a way calmer vibe, with large resorts and cozy mom-and-pop motels. If you need accommodations in a Key West hotel or in Ft Myers Beach, reservation agents will be glad to help you set up your stay in both of these towns.